I've never seen an episode before tonight and holy shit are the contestants ever self-involved. Basically, contestants compete in a series of challenges designed to help them find their perfect match (which has somehow already been predetermined). If all twenty people successfully find their perfect match (10 "couples") then they are awarded a million dollars (or fifty grand each). Basically there is some drama right now because two people who found out the first week weren't each other's perfect match still decided to begin a relationship with one another, and now the guy has been matched up with someone else and she's devastated. Another female contestant in the house is ecstatic over this, I'm guessing because she disliked the girl and/or didn't want to hurt her own chances of getting the money.

ANYWAYS, the important part is that the first fifteen minutes were dedicated to chronicling the breakdown of almost every single girl in the house. Seriously. One girl would break down and cry because "SO MUCH DRAMA!! I CAN'T HANDLE IT" and they'll all comfort her and as soon as she's okay another one will start wailing. It got to the point where one girl had a genuine panic attack, someone else's boyfriend walked her outside to get some fresh air and make sure she was okay, and the girlfriend in question started hollering and knocking over drinks. When the guy came back in, he seemed genuinely bewildered as to why she was upset. When she told him she wasn't okay with him comforting other girls, he was dumbfounded. "But she was having an anxiety attack." he said.

"So? I have an anxiety disorder too, you know. But I don't make dramatic scenes! I'm strong!" she insisted.

What. Is. Going. On. With. This. Show.

Seriously guys, check it out.