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Anyone Watching Comey/Rogers Hearing?

I was watching until I dozed off.

I am sick of hearing “I cannot answer that” by both men.

Comey had no problem spouting off about whether or not Hillary was mentioned in Weiner’s laptop. He said nothing about Roger Stone and Manaford.


I am comforted to know FBI is still investigatung ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Trey Gowdy went on and on and on about the leak concerning Flynn and Russia. I guess Gowdy is fine with colluding between Trump’s people and Russia. I know party first country second. I should be relieved Gowdy did not say “Bengazi”.

I have a feeling the 702 law is done this year. I seriously doubt Trump will sign a bill reauthorizing it. Just to protect his people colluding with Putin.

Good lord Mike Rogers’s voice could be the cure for insomnia. So monotone. He did though explain well about incidental wiretapping.


I wish somene asked, maybe they will, if they know the percentage influenced by Russia releasing to wikileaks, to vote for Trump based on wikileaks.

Also asking about Trump’s reasoning behind his tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping him. It was nice both Comey amd Rogers denied Obama did this and England was not involved. I wish they asked “why”. Asked the men if they have done a psychological evaluation of Trump since we know Russia intelligence has.

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