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Anyone watching the Tony's tonight?

I am! I am rooting for Hadestown, the Prom, and What the Constitution Means to me.

I’d be good with Oklahoma winning - but they recently announced they are going on a national tour, and I am horrified by that. I am still shaken by that play and remember so keenly how upset I was - and looking around as all the audience around me was singing “OKLAHOMA!” and stomping their feet joyfully while the stage was stained with blood. I haven’t been able to convince anyone I know to go see it so I can talk to someone about it!

Hadestown is all around amazing.


The Prom is amazing due to representation, important themes, and sweet girls in love. Also, girls kissing during the Macy’s Day parade (for the first time ever!). Also, the lead (Caitlin Kinnunen) came out as queer during the run of the musical. This is important for many reasons - the musical likely helped her come out, the experience of playing someone queer was possibly helpful for her — and it also suggests that casting people who are queer only in queer roles may not always be the best tactic. Definitely we need more queer representation in the media- both in terms of characters and actors, but also playing queer people can be helpful for heterosexual and questioning people (or those who are not yet out). Also, there’s no way to 100% know who is queer and who is not.

Anyway - nerd out with me!

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