Or ... Help mrsfinch stop being Miss Havisham and liberate THIS AMAZING COAT from her cluttered living space.

ETA: mrsfinch was at work early this morning and has to go to bed now, so you fashionistas out there think about where you might fit the coat into your wardrobe and (even more importantly) how you might accessorize it, and after I get home from what I hope is a beer-soaked brunch tomorrow morning and wake up from the nap that follows, I'll see who's still interested. As previously stated: it will best suit the tall and broad-shouldered, and it totally needs boots to complete it. It's not new, but trust me, it rocks.

My brother gave me this coat for Xmas a few years ago. I loved it, but it was made for a taller person and I was absolutely swamped in it (I am 5' 2" and swamp easily). It is suede with decorative appliques, also suede - I called it the Bilibin coat, because it reminded me of the illustrations of Russian artist Ivan Bilibin - in earthy shades of black, tan, brown, maroon, and brick red, with accents in cream and silvery grey. The placket is lined with smooth grey-black leather and the stand-up collar is the same; there is no label and the collar makes me think it might be a late '70s or early '80s production. The black satin lining has separated at a seam below the right arm, otherwise fine, with sewn-in loop behind collar for hanging. Six leather-covered buttons, black, all present. Dolman sleeves. One small worn spot between second and third buttons, not visible when coat is closed. Buttons and buttonholes could use some minor reinforcement.

Here are two (admittedly poor) pictures. What this coat needs is a taller person, a confident person, who might also possess a pair of high-heeled ass-kicking boots (when I wore it I looked like a perambulating coat - it swamped whatever small individuality I possess).

Front elevation:


Rear elevation: