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This is not the first time this has happened but not so ridiculous as this. I can understand how two pair of pants different companies but same size. One fits and the other does not button at the waist. This happens a lot.

This is absurd. My mother brought home two pairs of short pants. One a size 40 and the other a 42. The 42 I thought “why did she buy this it will fall to my knees which is very bad”. The 40 I thought “don’t I have enough shorts”. I also said them out loud


Well guess what. The size 40 fit perfectly. I tried the 42 I was about 2 inches short of being able to button them. The long pants I am wearing needs a belt and suspenders to stay up. Its size 40. Could be the front pockets. I have a wallet in one and a Nintendo 2ds in the other.

Anyone know why size 40s are not all the same. Almost all pants are machine made so there is really little chance of human error.

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