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APA style, Groupthink style

So, I’m using some Groupthink content in my dissertation and I gotta tell ya, something about writing a formal APA citation for “barelylethal: shitass. (2014).” is really helping me get through the process.

Also, wow, it’s nuts how much the roster here in GT has changed over the years. Looking at posts from 2013, I keep seeing names that never seem to pop up around here anymore. WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO CHANGE.


1. Everything I’m looking at is from the first six months of Groupthink 2.0 in 2013. I am absolutely not studying anything currently happening on here.


2. During that period, anything posted to Groupthink could be promoted to the mainpage, so this space was understood to be a lot more public at the time.

3. I’m only looking at conversations about how to handle trolls—the citation above is because I said people were still occasionally mentioning bunny bombing a year later and I needed to back up my statement. I’m not looking at any posts with sensitive discussion on them. 

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