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Hey GT. I’m hoping you’ll let me get something off my chest for a minute.

In March, Bonernator and I moved into a new apartment. We wanted to live downtown and were excited to have a place that was OURS, not formerly his or mine. It’s super close to work and my gym, and that’s about where the positives end for me.

  • It is SO SMALL. I thought it was fine when I saw it empty, but once we moved all our shit in, I realized I was badly mistaken. It is a straight up claustrophobic space. We can spend hours cleaning it and it’ll still look like a shithole.
  • Adding insult to injury, it is SO GODDAMN EXPENSIVE. Moving to the city always means spending more for less, but this is just ridiculous.
  • The way it’s positioned, hardly any natural light gets in. It’s basically a goth kid apartment. Thirteen year old Burnernator might have liked that, but now, not so much.
  • We have an in-unit washer/dryer (yes!) but it’s the “eco friendly” kind that takes 3 hours to finish drying a load.
  • There is a balcony, but it’s infested with mosquitoes and I get bitten up every time I’m out there for more than 5 minutes.
  • The floors are dark laminate and show your every footprint.
  • The smoke alarm will go off unprovoked.
  • I don’t get cell service in the damn place. I swear it wasn’t always like that.
  • The staff are unfriendly and unengaged. Additionally, I have literally never even seen, let alone met, our neighbors.
  • It’s double the travel time away from my family and wedding vendors, etc.

I’m ashamed to have people over, and I’m someone who loves to host. I’m looking into transferring to a different unit/building before our lease term is up but, with the wedding coming up, a move is just going to be really difficult to swing.


I’ve been having a really tough year in general and this apartment just feels like the shitty icing. I have perma-undereye circles. I swear I’m losing hair. I just feel like shit all the time. My mom took one look at me this weekend and said “you need to move.”

GTers who’ve made do with less-than-ideal living situations, how did you manage?

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