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I've previously written about my leaky bathroom ceiling—and I just have to vent hopefully one final time.

Our bathroom ceiling has been leaking over our tub for the past year and a half. In the past year and a half they've "fixed" the leak maybe 4 times. And by "fixed," I mean, haven't fixed at all. The original leak is from the neighbor upstairs having a hole in her shower wall (and I guess never telling anyone? I wouldn't be surprised, this is the same woman that put in an air conditioning unit inside the window, causing a leak in our bedroom. And the same woman whose radiator was leaking and didn't tell anyone causing parts of our living room ceiling to come crashing down). Our super supposedly fixed that original leak. But! It kept leaking. We reported it to 311 multiple times! I reported it to management multiple times! We even withheld rent (something you're legally allowed to do if they don't make repairs) and they sent us a notice saying they would start the eviction process if we didn't pay.


At this point I know you're saying, "Well themeaghanshow, why don't you just fucking move already!" Our rent relatively cheap, our apartment is big, my commute is short, and moving costs close to $10k when you think about 1st, last, security, possible broker fee, moving everything. We're saving up. BF just started a new job and I started one in May that pays more than my last one (but sucks harder!).

Anyways, about a month ago, with our ceiling still leaking and practically falling down, they send the super to fix it. What does he do? Well, he certainly doesn't fix the actual problem. He just shoves some plaster in the affected areas, sands it down, and calls it a fucking day.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the ceiling starts leaking AGAIN. And I'm sure there's black mold forming. So I email the property manager saying, "It's leaking again!" and she's like, "The leak should be fixed today." LIKE WHY WOULDN'T IT HAVE BEEN FIXED A YEAR AND A FUCKING HALF AGO?! WHY ARE WE WAITING A YEAR AND A HALF TO FIX THIS? WHY ARE YOU SO CHEAP THAT YOU CAN'T HIRE A PERSON WITH QUALIFICATIONS TO FIX THIS PROBLEM?!


Anywhoooo....do you know how gross it is to be showering and have water that is not from the shower head drip on you? Super gross.


Please god let me move in November before I go fucking crazy.

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