I'm apartment-hunting right now, and I was wonder if anyone had suggestions on what sites I should be looking at to get some ideas. I've just been using the first ones to come up on a Google search thus far—rent.com, forrent.com, and apartmentguide.com, I think. Anyone know some good sites or apps? It would REALLY help me out if you could share! I'm coming from the suburbs, looking for a place in downtown Houston (and looking for a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment, or really any other kind of place...), if that helps at all.

This will be my first apartment, and I'll be sharing it with one of my best friends. He just got a job in town after working in Atlanta the past couple of years right, so I'm excited that I'll finally get to see him face-to-face daily again.

Does anyone have any other types of suggestions for a young woman getting her first apartment? I'm a little nervous, so any sage words of wisdom and advice would be greatly appreciated!