Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ok now that my loan money came through yesterday, I need to shop for the following:

A sofa. So I think that regular sofas are expensive so I'm considering a sofa bed since it looks like a lot of them are significantly cheaper. I may wait on this though.

A kitchen table (a small one that's not too expensive 'cause it's just me)

An organizer that I can sit on top of this weird wooden thing that's built into my room.


A little nightstand for my room


Sofabed example

Kitchen Table example (maybe something with chairs though?)http://www.amazon.com/Cosco-34-Inch-…


Organizer example




Anybody find any good deals at certain stores? I like black but it's funny because everything in this apartment is brown wood so I'll have black and brown going on I guess?

UPDATE: Alright, y'all convinced me to go to consignment and thrift stores. It's been raining today so I may go later or just go tomorrow or something. I don't need this stuff right away but I'd like it soon. I can wait on the futon/sofabed or whatever kind of sofa thing I decide to get. I'm more concerned about a little kitchen table 'cause I'm putting my plates on top of my sterilite containers I have lol.

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