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Welcome To The Bitchery

I forgot how awful reading apartment complex reviews is. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if the leasing office/maintenance staff is actually bad or if the person leaving the review is just a bad tenant, particularly when there aren’t a lot of reviews for a place.

The other struggle is that we will be moving to an area that we aren’t familiar with. I’ve been asking my new coworkers what areas they recommend and what areas to avoid. The new area is also much more expensive than where we currently live, but with the amount I am paying in gas and a toll road every day I’m basically already paying the rent difference anyway. It is frustrating though to be unable to find cheaper apartments worth living in basically anywhere in the surrounding 45 minute commute radius (I don’t want to downsize from 800 square feet because our pets already make the apartment feel small).


Edit: For context, I am moving near-ish Philadelphia from South Central PA. I know that 800 square feet is quite spacious in some other cities.

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