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Apartment hunting inanity

My roommate and I are apartment hunting together. I’m ready to be able to have pets. We both want out of a basement...it’s just time to move!

We went to see an apartment building together - and it’s really nice. I find myself more enthusiastic about living in a giant apartment building than I thought I’d be.


Except for the pet stuff. I’d have to pay a non refundable $400 pet deposit and $50/month pet rent which...is that standard? all the building seem to have this...

Anyway, I really like the floor plan. Our bedrooms would be the same size, we both get our own walk in closet and bathroom, etc. it’s so much more equal than other apartments. It’s close to where I work and it’s in our budget! Plus the fees aren’t as bad as I thought so the pet fees don’t seem TOO bad on top of that...


But I wonder if we should wait and see what we find on zillow instead - maybe find a row house for rent or something. No pet rent and potentially cheaper. Only...I’d hate to give up an apartment with such great features for only the possibility of a mythical place that fits all our requirements when this one basically does just that?

Argh. All these things are keeping me awake. We’re not moving until September so finding things on zillow is hard bc everything is available now when we’re not ready to move. The apartment in the complex is available in September but I feel pressure to snap it up soon or someone else will...


Any advice (about this or moving in general) or reassurance would be appreciated. I mostly needed to get this out so it will stop plaguing me and I can go the fuck to sleep.

Good night, GT. I super appreciate you.

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