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apartment hunting is taking over my life

and kinja is eating my posts! rude!

I am having a very hard time doing anything else but looking at apartments and scheduling apartment viewings. I am now on average of 5 apartment viewings a night and also am interviewing for 3 different jobs, for which I am about in round 3 of interviews. My boyfriend pleaded with me to take tonight off and go have some fun with people. But what if the perfect apartment slips right through my paws?!?!?!!?

I can’t believe how my rent is about to double and apparently that is not nearly enough for a decent 1 person sized apartment. I NEED TO LIVE ALONE, PEOPLE. I am too old for this shit.And then these brokers are like, for that 1700 you want a closet in your bedroom? lolololloll


I should probably do work so I don’t get fired and become unable to pay rent of any sort.

ETA: kinja is eating replies, but teasing me with them. sorry guys. i want to chat about this toO!

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