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Welcome To The Bitchery

So I am moving in about a month (hopefully more like three weeks), because my lease is up and I am leaving my bigger apartment with many roommates (we've had to search for replacement subletters due to original occupants leaving SO MANY TIMES so I will never ever do this sort of thing again!) to a small apartment with one roommate. But there's a problem: my future roommate, a close friend of mine who currently lives at home, just realized she can't actually afford the place we were looking at and now we have to start all over again with a different (but still unclear) budget in mind. I've done all of the searching so far, and she was supposed to search this week but hasn't started yet because she still doesn't know her budget (she's getting some help from her family and they haven't told her exactly how much they can afford to give her yet for some reason).

It's SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING. We've been planning this for over a month! Why didn't they have a real budget talk, with actual numbers instead of vagueness, a month ago?!?! UGGHHHHHHH. I don't get why people hate talking about money with people they know well like family members. If they can't afford to give her very much, that's okay! They aren't obligated! It would just be nice if they could actually tell her what they can afford already.


And just because she isn't sure what her budget is means she can't even start looking?? I mean, considering that we have some specific neighborhoods in mind it's not like there's that much variability in price. I'm worried it's going to come down to her being unable to afford DC rent anywhere I am willing to live. I promise I am not that picky! But I'd like to stay in NW if that's at all possible (I work in NW), and be within a mile of a metro stop.

Does anyone have any ideas for finding cheap apartments? I shouldn't complain; I am so fortunate that I have employment and that I can afford a place to live. I don't take that for granted! But I am finding that obtaining a new place to live is being a huge pain in the ass. :/

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