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Apartment Hunting: Update

ETA: The apartment is officially mine!!!

I have now driven 1.5 hours roundtrip plus inter- and intra-town driving for the past three days in a row in my quest for finding an apartment I am satisfied with.


I thought I found one yesterday—nice complex, pretty and updated appliances, quasi-suburban environment—so I put down a deposit and left. The one downfall? $200 over my budget and so much storage that the actual living space felt significantly smaller than my current space, despite having similar square footages.

I went all the way home, feeling anxious and unhappy.When I got home, I jumped on to Craigslist and found a couple of other possibilities, so I drove the 45 minutes back out to look at them.

The first one didn’t initially feel right—on a busy main street, much more urban living than I’ve ever done, and not super pretty from the street view. I viewed the property, and was pleasantly surprised, but the only problem was that it was on the bottom floor, which I hate and have never done (no, seriously, I have NEVER lived on the bottom floor of any building in which I have resided), so I asked if they happened to have anything not on the bottom floor.

Turns out they did, on the top floor, a “penthouse” for only $45 more dollars. The apartment manager let me in, and I fell in love. Open floorplan, spacious, plenty of storage, view of the hills, and a giant balcony attached to the bedroom.


I put in my my application today and will wait excitedly for confirmation that it is mine, with the exact move-in date that I want. It’s still over budget—about $100—but I feel like I’m getting more for my money than with the other property.

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