Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I just emailed our new building manager today to ask if I could plant some stuff in a flower bed in the front yard that has just gone fallow. She said that would be great.
But tucked at the end of the email was, "Do you have a blanket hanging on the rail of your deck? It needs to be removed, since a neighbour complained."
I have a towel, that I was using three days ago that go rained on. So I slung it on the deck railing to dry out, but lo' and behold more rain today. I'm not bring a sopping wet towel into an apartment that doesn't have in suite.

It should be noted the only people who can see our deck are our across the hall neighbours who have a deck bordering ours. They are never on it, and nor are we right now because its fucking winter. They never say hi in the halls, but they never complain either. I didn't even know they had an issue with us.
Guys, what do I do?
I now feel really weird having a deck bordering theirs. Do I say something?
Who the fuck says something about a towel on a deck?! For three days?!

I was so floored I actually responded, "It's a towel, and it's wet. I'll bring it in when it dries. Are we not allowed to hang things on our rail?"
Is now a good time to mention they have a bbq pushed right up against the building which is hella against the rules?

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