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Apartment Manager Etiquette

Ok, so I have a question about whether or not we think my apartment manager's behavior was weird and intrusive that I would like the Hivemind opinion on.

Just a little background. I live in a small apartment building with only six units. Two are occupied by couples and four by single people, one of which is the property manager. I have spoken to both my downstairs neighbor and my across-the-hall neighbor before, but I have never seen the people in the other two apartments, so it's not like we're a tight knit community.

I have a front and a back door, but I very rarely use the back door. So today I get a text from the property manager (PM) asking if I had recently used the back door. I texted her saying that I hadn't in months. She said ok, and asked if I'd gotten the package in front of my door, and I responded in the affirmative. I also FB'd the guy I'm sleeping with to ask if he had. It's his day off and I didn't want him to have to wake up at 7:30, so I told him he could just sleep in and pull the door closed behind him. Apparently when he left the building around 9:30, she chased him halfway down the block to ask if he had come from the building, and whether or not he used the back door. He said he told her he didn't know there was a back door, she began to interrogate him about why he was in the building. At this point she had said nothing about being the PM, and had basically chased him down the street, so he was a little put out about being badgered by a random woman on the street.


I live in a nice, low-crime neighborhood. I understand wanting to be sure the back door is locked most of the time, but does anyone else feel like this was kind of a creepy overreaction? I mean, does she badger everyone's guests? With that many people living there, surely it's likely that friends, family, paramours, etc., would stay overnight from time to time?

My sister thinks I should be happy she's looking out for the place, but instead I'm just kind of mortified.

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