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A couple observations/questions from my apartment hunt -

1) Buildings that constantly offer crazy deals have real trouble filling units right? One place we can’t afford said, oh but wait! You can have two months free so it’s only $x! To which I replied, right but in a year I can’t afford regular rent soooo. This particular place is charging a full $300 more per month (full price) than a building next door that we want to live in. By all accounts they are extremely similar in size, layout, and amenities. Like they need to offer deals because that’s absurd right?

2) People amaze me with their claims that areas are “sketchy.” We went to check out the neighborhood we are looking at last weekend. It’s a five min walk to a Trader Joes and adjacent to one of the most expensive real estate neighborhoods in the area. Nothing about it could be construed as sketchy. Do white people from the boonies move to a city, learn that non white people live here, and go “welp I guess it’s public housing over here!” (Literal thing said on Yelp).


3) Gotta love buildings where the Yelp page has three five star reviews that sound like nothing a normal person would write, then 15 one star reviews. One of them says management tried to get them to write good reviews! My personal fave: “trust your heart. This is not the place for you.”

Also love people who give shit reviews for no reason. Real examples: a lifeguard was rude to me; I didn’t even live here but management was rude to me when I met with them for a visit; my husband accidentally kicked a hole thru the door so it’s shoddy quality (how does that even happen?); people have dogs here.

4) What is with apartment websites dedicating approximately 90% of the picture gallery to photos of the lobby, the party room, the gym, the dog washing room, the courtyard, restaurants and landmarks that I happen to know are nowhere near the building. Everything but the actual inside of the apartment. Why do I care what the lobby looks like?

5) Regardless, I’m very excited to get out of out of our old, moldy apartment and into a newer place. I am so ready to decorate and upgrade some of our furniture too.

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