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Apartments part 2

My update to the other day’s musings - we visited the place that was top on our list, it was as good as we thought, so we put down a deposit and reserved a spot. Yay!

A couple things tho -

  • Fees, man. The fees! This place and several others I investigated are doing all these non-refundable fees in lieu of a traditional security deposit. $500 “move in” fee, $500 pet fee, $150/person amenities fee, then a $200 security deposit. Is that just a money grab? I could understand a move in deposit that you get back if you don’t damage the elevator moving in. but $500 just to...begin living in the apartment I rent? It seems to be common or else I’d have just assumed this place was scamming me.
  • Is there anything that landlords actually do consider to be normal wear and tear? They say this, and say you’re not responsible, but nothing seems to count. The lease they sent over to us says upon move out we have to provide a receipt that we’ve had the carpet cleaned professionally or else they will charge us to have that done. Absent any major stains or damage, that seems like normal wear and tear to me. Why am I responsible for that?
  • Pet rent is also totally bogus considering I’m already paying all this other stuff too.

Feel free to share any insight you have, or your own renting woes here :)

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