Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So the Boy Heathen and I can finally watch the latest The Walking Dead. And every episode makes me wonder about my own survival skills. I would definitely need a group- but I'm not a slacker when it comes to a possible end of world scenario. I can hunt. Not super good- but yes, I have taken down a deer and a couple of smaller birds. I know how to butcher- and field dress if needed. Being a big old hipster/southerner- I've been on hunts with my grandad; and taken butcher classes. I understand the curing process- even though I've never actually done it. I have rudimentary sewing skills- though hand sewing would be a learning curve/challenge. I know if I were ever in a true end of world survival type situation- I would definitely make them stop at a craft or knitting/yarn store. I can knit and crochet: fishing nets, blankets and clothing. I am a trained embalmer- I have a slightly better than basic grasp of the human body- I could suture wounds and make a very (very, very) rudimentary stab at basic surgery. I feel like I would be a decent choice for a group of survivors.

How about you- what do you bring come the end of the world?


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