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Apologies and Musings

Firstly- sorry to everybody in the Atlanta area. I was like- hey, lets do a meet up and then disappeared from the threads :( We had a coworker ghost out on his job (like, no text or see ya in hell or nothing) and the rest of us were working our asses to the bone trying to cover. Mea culpa.

Secondly, I finally have a day off (woo!) and found out the The Stand is on netflix. Yay! Honestly, it’s one of my favorite adaptations. I thought it was pretty well done for a mini series and stuck with the source material pretty closely. Plus, 90s era Gary Sinise has always been a secret shame crush for me. I know that Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey had made some noise a few years back about making a new “The Stand” and how it could be like a LotR in America or some such nonsense, and I was like.... but The Dark Tower suckers? It is right the fuck there. Like ASoIaF, it has a HUGE fan base but unlike ASoIaF- it is mother fucking finished and I think is begging for an awesome TV series on HBO or Netflix.

Also- Good Omens. How has that never gotten clear of the development stage? There are literally thousands of dream casts floating around the interwebz ( I have one- I bet a sizable proportion of you guys have one too. Mine involves Eric Idle as Shadwell. I know most people float John Cleese- but not me. because imagination bitches, get into it)


Thirdly, there are so many comics/ graphic novels that I am kind of flabbergasted( well, mildly chuffed about) have never gotten the movie/tv show/ animated treatment. I don’t even know that much about comics, but think something like Saga or Chew or Locke and Key would do really well as adult animated features (Chew especially seems like something that would go gangbusters on Adult Swim- it has a very Adam Reed/ Matt Thompson Archer/Frisky Dingo feel to it IMO)

I don’t know. I also thought that the Taken series should have been ramping up the intensity of the movies the whole time: Taken (daughter abducted by slavers Liam Neeson kicks mobster ass through E. Europe)

Taken 2 (family kidnapped by rogue state. Liam Neeson versus N. Korea.<or insert fake N. Korea here, so as not to have a whole The Interview redux> Like the whole country of N. Korea)

Taken 3 (family abducted by aliens, Liam Neeson needs Jeff Goldblum to help him hack into extra terrestrial software with a MacBook. Liam Neeson and Sigourney Weaver proceed to beat the ever loving shit out of aliens. Tagline, “Close encounters of the HURT kind”)


So maybe I am not the best judge of what should be made into a film. Or maybe I AM and Hollywood should proceed to giving me millions of dollars to produce absolute insanity for the film going masses.

If you were to join my production studio (Acid Flashback Studios) what projects would you bring to the table? Any stories you would like to see brought to life on the screen? Dream casting, directors etc? It’s sunday- lets play pretend!

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