Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I'm not usually a big fan of TED talks, but because this woman is an actress (as well as a makeup artist) it comes off more as a really great monologue on beauty standards and the heartbreaking "apologies" women make for their appearance on a daily basis.


We've been talking a lot about makeup lately, and it's interesting how many of us just seem to celebrate it as either a fun hobby or as actual artistry. With that said, I noticed that when I posted my Shameless Selfie over the weekend, every time I received a compliment it was really really difficult not to reply with some kind of self-deprication.

So as much as I do love makeup, and I think it doesn't *have* to be something that women use to "apologize" for their faces, this is still a concept worth listening to and talking about.

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