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App Lessons: Whisper

Imagine if you will a place where whatever thought you broadcasted out to a community of people had very few consequences. That place is real, and that place is called Whisper.

Whisper is an application that you can download on your smartphone. With the app, you can post a picture from the Internet or your photo library along with a short phrase.You can exchange messages privately as well. The intention of Whisper is to share secrets like in the now-defunct Post Secret application, but a lot of the time it is used like Facebook with funny quotes and request for "likes".


People feel safe to say whatever is on their mind on whisper for some reason, so you can learn a lot about people from reading their posts. There are some recurring themes that you find. It says a lot about where society is at on terms of acceptability. Why would so many people post the same thing for attention if they did not think it was socially acceptable?I give you, for your pleasure, the things I have learned about people on Whisper.

  1. Everyone Wants To Experiment

Whisper tends to skew young, so you will find a lot of people who are just learning about their sexuality. From straight women curious about being with another woman to gay men wanting to try the same thing, you'll find lots of people that want to give sex another go. Coincidentally...

  1. The Internet Is For Regrettable Hookups and Sexting

There are lots of people trolling around for sex on whisper. All you need to do is state your age, gender, and maybe even a preference, and you will get a private message or two from people wanting the same thing.

  1. Country Boys, Army Men, Doms, and Romantics
    There are four categories of men that the ladies of whisper are looking for. First and most often asked for is a Country Boy. This guy is pretty much shaped by Country Western songs and apparently knows how to " treat a girl right". The second category is an Army Man, which is pretty much a Country Boy in fatigues.Next thing the ladies ask for is Doms. These requests will die down when their great grandchildren don't care about 50 Shades of Grey... hopefully. The last request of the ladies of whisper is a Romantic. This is someone who does romantic things with no ulterior motive other than that they're in love. I wish all of the ladies of Whisper luck in finding these men in the real world.

4.Nobody is Content

If it's not a rich and successful person feeling empty inside, it's a bullied teen who has more problems to face than the average teenager. I have always suspected that truly happy people are rare, and Whisper confirms it.

  1. Racism Is Not Over

I'm not sure if people do it for attention, or if they actually feel this way, but people are nonetheless really content to air out their racist laundry. You'll get the innocent gaslighting of " why do black girls always have a bad attitude?" to " we need to protect the white race!". If anyone thinks that racism is over, send them to Whisper. Or not. They might just agree with these jokers and learn nothing!


6.This Is Why We Need Feminism

Feminists on Whisper are a rarity. At most, you'll find a healthy population of I'm Not A Feminist But... feminists. A lot of the women and girls on Whisper are more into perpetuating the status quo and even taking things back a few decades. The men aren't helping, either. If you make any indication that you are a woman, you'll get a lot of private messages that all lead to one thing: nudity. Either you'll get an unsolicited picture of a strangers penis or they'll ask to see you nude in reply to your posts about baking cookies with your grandmother. Sometimes if you refuse, they'll act as if you're the one making a social faux pas. It's quite annoying, and makes you feel kind of bad for being a woman. There are a few genuinely sweet guys around, but the assholes are even louder than real life.
Whisper needs feminism. For example, after someone posted that they got busted for a DUI while driving away from the place they were raped, there was more questioning of her motives and name-calling than actual sympathy. We've obviously got a long way to go.


7.Whisper Brings Out The Attention Whore in Everyone

Sometimes, people posts things that everyone has seen and commented on before.This is not a sign that they lack creativity... okay, it does. Reposts are also a desperate cry for help. People are starved for attention on whisper because it validates their ability to gain other people's favor. With the right comment, your post can make it to the "popular" section of whisper. Being popular on whisper is easier than being popular in high school, so many people give it a go. Some people just don't know how to do it without using other people's content. I have never posted a repost, but I admit that I have posted things for the sake of attention. I never thought it could happen to me, but I suppose there is someone craving attention in a lot of people.


So that's what I learned. Being part of The Internet, you can't really be sure if these sentiments are real or not. Still, the same can be said for any online social network platform. Facebook gets the " is this what society is like?"treatment, and Whisper deserves the same thing.

EDIT: for some reasons, the numbering is all wonky, and I can't seem to get rid of them completely. And advice on this situation is appreciated!

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