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I basically never wash my bras.

Prudie posted an oldie to Facebook, where a guy writes in asking if it's disgusting that his girlfriend wears the same bra for two weeks. The Facebook comments are basically saying "YES!" Men and women alike are claiming that sweat and skin cells mean you are basically Pig Pen if you go two weeks without washing your bras. I cannot comment, because Facebook comments can be seen by all your friends and family and they really don't need to know about my bra washing habits.


I have a bra that I wear for exercising, and I wash that every one or two wears. Other than that, I honestly do not sweat around my boobs. In the middle of summer maybe, and then I'll wash my bra, but generally, no.

My bras are expensive - prob $50 a pop, usually. They lose their shape after a dozen washes or so. Why would I speed that up?! And generally, I have 2 bras that fit me well at any given time. I have ten bras or so. I cycle through them as my boobs change (as they do). The bra that fits me best right now, I think I washed around February. It does not have a smell to it! It looks clean! It feels clean! Why would I wash it and shorten how long I get to enjoy it?

Also, washing bras with padding is a total pain in the ass. It's so hard to get them dried out properly if you can't hang them outside somewhere.

One of the comments was "Of course you have to wash it!! What, would you go a month without washing your sheets?"


Yes. Unless we are having a lot of sex are being sweaty or something.

Am I deviant? How often do you wash your bras?

ETA: I LOVE YOU GUISE. This is proof that GTers LIVE IN SQUALOR! And/or are accepting of those of us who do.


And to those few of you that are being judgey:

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