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Apparently I should start thinking about getting "saved"...

Oh for fuck's sake I just had the most eye roll worthy text exchange of my adult life from a guy I haven't talked to in FOREVER (like so forever that I didn't have his number saved in my phone). Can someone please help me to decipher this:

Him: Hey, hope all is going well for you.
Me: Going well. And you are?
Him: [His name], this is MaryTylerGore, right?
Me: Yeah. Hey [his name]. How are ya?
Him: I'm good. Just was thinking of you on this rainy day and hope you're doing well.
Me: Doing well. Lucky you with the rain.
Him: great to hear that. Yeah, it's pouring here. Not getting much rain?
Me: Never enough.
Him: We need to send you some ;)
Him: Life going okay?
Me: Going well. And yours?
Him: Work alot, but surviving.
Him: I was wondering if you have a faith?
Me: a faith?
Him: Belief in God?
Me: I'm agnostic, why do you ask?
Him: For one, I always found you to have the sweetest personality, so I find myself caring about what happens to you. Two, I want the people I care about to be taken care of.
Me: Well thank you for the compliment, I try to be a sweet person.
Me: But yeah, I'm agnostic. So nothing to worry about there.
Him: Just know that I think the world of you. Things are going to get very rough I think.
Me: Hahahahaha what do you mean?
Him: hard to explain without sounding crazy, but the bankers who really are in control, have a very sinister plan.
Me: I'm not sure if I can take you seriously with this.
Him: I understand, but I have been researching for about 4 months on this.
Me: I don't really play into fanaticism, religious or conspiracy or otherwise.
Him: Look up a guy named Aaron Russo, and you will start getting the idea. Or look up Leonard Ulrich.


I have no clue what any of this means... that's where the convo stopped. WTF?! I'm curious to see who these people are, but not really in the mood to google. Anyone heard of this particular brand of religious crazy before?

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