Here's a charming oped that argues the anti-catcall movement is White Feminism and we just need to recognize that not all cultures have the same ideas on what intersexual behavior should look like. No, for real. Check this out:

This raises two questions in 21st-century America. One involves diversity and multiculturalism: Different cultures and ethnicities have different ideas of what constitutes appropriate intersexual behavioral, and there's no particular reason why the standards of upper-middle-class white feminist women should set the norm for everyone. In the old melting-pot days, it might have been appropriate to say that minorities needed to be assimilated to traditional WASP standards of decorum — "civilized" or "elevated" in the idiom of the day. But we've long since moved past the notion that there is only one legitimate way to behave as an American. (WASPs, in fact, are now often portrayed as unpleasantly frigid, sexless, and over-controlled). And, that being so, it would be astonishing if the only place where WASP standards still continued to rule was in this particular area. Should it be a crime to say hello to a stranger? Are women so delicate that they need patriarchal protection simply to go out and about? And if so, what does that say about women's ability to function independently in the larger world?

If you choose to read this insanely insulting piece, look forward to a fun Emmett Till comparison! (Yup. No lies.)