It’s really starting to look like the Trump administration can’t come up with ANYTHING original ideas-wise.

We already know about the speeches. Then there was the Monica Crowley fiasco this week.

Now it appears that someone approved a cake that WASN’T made (THIS time anyway!) by Charm City cakes, but which WAS a dead ringer for one Charm City DID make for President Obama’s second inauguration in 2013.


From the Slate story:

“Goldman, who is the star of Ace of Cakes, baked the nine-tier cake for Obama’s Commander-in-Chief’s Ball”


A side-by side, courtesy of Duff’s Twitter feed:



THIS is the level of blatant ripping off and ridiculousness we are going to be dealing with for the next 4 years.


Not a damn original idea in their heads, not a lick of credit given to the folks who created it first, and playing it off like it was the best, most original idea EVVVVVAR!!!


So.... does anyone else think this prob’ly means that when they *finally* get around to explaining what the ACA replacement will be, the Republican plan is awfully likely to be a copy of the ACA that someone cuts the binding off, runs through a 3-hole punch, and slaps in a binder with a label calling it “Trumpcare” or more likely “The America Care Act” so that they can still use the acronym “ACA”?