So witty! So cheap! Such great reviews!

Mr.BT signed up a while back, but he only shaves about once a month, so I thought I'd just use up the extra blades. I end up going over the same area a bunch of times, it never gets completely smooth or I end up with razor burn. The plastic on the head has broken, rendering the blade unusable mid-shave. I thought it was a fluke the first time, but after the third, I just gave up. (All three didn't happen in the same day, but each time was mid-shave and I had to get out of the shower and replace the head.)

Online reviews say they're not quite as good as big brand razors, but still totally worth it. In my experience, they're on par with cheapie generic disposable razors. I will cough up the extra for a good razor. Keeping oil on the blade when not in use makes it last longer, and big brand handles fit all of the heads for that brand, so if there is a certain style on clearance, I can snag a deal.

Thanks for reading my rant, here's a puppy!