My best friend Laura texted me today with this gem. Remember that INSANE Marie Antoinette bridal shower I went to in October? The one that was nuts because they wanted us to wear costumes and because Marie Antoinette is a TERRIBLE PERSON to base anything wedding related on? Apparently it's a TREND now!

(If you expand the picture you can see, the third item, is "Marie Antoinette Style")

Apparently the good folks at New Jersey Bride magazine thinks that Marie Antoinette influenced weddings and bridal showers are THE NEXT BIG THING! They did a multi page photoshoot and everything called, of course, "Let's Eat Cake!".

Does fucking ANYONE know ANYTHING about Marie Antoinette anymore? Anyone? From the decorations and the styling in the magazine, apparently not.

How is this happening. I don't. I can't. I just can't. I just. What? WHAT? *brain explodes*