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Welcome To The Bitchery

Appliance Recommendations?

I moved into my construction zone (I mean, my new home) yesterday! There are tools, plywood, drywall and dust everywhere, but my lease expired and I’m not so fancy that I can carry both a lease and a mortgage at the same time, while also funding renovations.

I currently have no kitchen. Not even a complete kitchen floor because they had to sister some joists and run some wiring/plumbing. But I do need to order appliances because at some point soon I will have a kitchen floor and I will want to be able to actually cook and not just live on takeout.


Questions: What is different/good about a convection oven? What would make you choose a microwave above your stove vs. just a hood? What appliance brands would you avoid like the plague? Who makes a very quiet dishwasher? Other general advice about appliances or living like a squatter in a home under construction?

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