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Welcome To The Bitchery

WARNING: Total first world problems ahead.

So we have a dishwasher that is most likely as old as our house (built in 1996). And it stopped working. Like, nothing- press the buttons, turn the dials, no power, no buzzing nothing. We call an appliance repair place to come look at it, but somehow the dishwasher magically starts working again the day the repair guy comes by. So we pay him $59 for nothing but the service call, but he says if it acts up again, call him back and they'll come look at it again for free. Well, guess what? Yep- it stopped working again. So for a week my husband tried to get in touch with him, left several messages, and the dude has not called back. I called yesterday, and got VM, and of course, this guy didn't call me back. So I woke up this morning determined to find some other repair place to come look at it, but guess what???? YES IT IS WORKING AGAIN.


Am I crazy to think that this dishwasher, regardless of it's Lazarus tendencies, is on the way out, and we just need to scour the sale pages and buy a new one, because that will be easier than waiting till it breaks again and having to go thru the rigamarole agiain?

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