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Applying for a job: need advice

I'm wondering if you could help me out here, guys. I've stumbled across a job posting for a position at a clinic treating people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents. Although it's kind of a long shot, I've considered applying and they've asked for a cover letter that highlights any transferable experience you've had with insurance claims/health forms/motor vehicle accident assessments. A couple years ago my mom was involved in an accident and is now disabled. We're still dealing with the lawyers/insurance/etc and so I'm more than familiar with the process. I've having some trouble though on how to include that in a way that downplays the "personal" side of things and emphasizes my familiarity and experience with the whole process. Any help would be so appreciated! I'm horrible at promoting myself. :p

ETA— Additional info: I'm a psych student and the job is at a psych/rehab services clinic.


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