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Applying for all the jobs

There are some really interesting jobs going at the moment!

There was one working with a remote indigenous community to teach them film/ multimedia skills so they can produce their own stories. How amazing would that be?


There was another one filming men's underwear promos.

And one for the army where they didn't say anything about the role, except that it involves extreme weather conditions/ heights. Also: the army pays crazy well!

I don't really have a shot at any of those, but it would be so much fun just to interview for any of them, and I applied for a bunch of more realistic stuff too, so hopefully something will work out.

I had an interview a few weeks ago for editing porn which I didn't get. I was pretty ambivalent about it anyway, I mean, I've got nothing against porn, but watching it for 40 hours a week seems a little... seedy?


It's just kinda cool to know that there's all this really interesting stuff out there in the world.

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