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Applying for Jobs in New Places

Hi all. I posted this elsewhere, but I'd be interested in getting as wide a range of advice as possible:

I'm looking for a permanent job—I have a year-to-year contract at the moment, but I'm looking for something permanent. I'm also looking to move, as I'm kind of in the middle of nowhere at the moment, and I desperately want to get to a city. Not only would living in a city be more fun (perhaps that should be rephrased as "less soul-crushing"), it would also open up greater opportunities for networking, advancement, etc. I'm single, so some of the typical relocation concerns aren't a problem for me—I can pick up and move quickly.

The issue is that I know that a lot of companies prefer local candidates, for perfectly logical reasons. How do I make it obvious that part of the reason that I'm applying for the job is that I want to be a local, and, given the chance, I'll be one soon enough? Or would it even make a difference, since I'm not one at the moment?


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