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Welcome To The Bitchery

I work at a company (I’ll call Flipflops) where I’m ok happy, but wanting to grow into new areas and am meeting resistance. I may be able to change minds; I may not. I have a meeting scheduled this week with the people who can decide if this will happen, and i give it a 50/50 chance that they’ll allow me to grow into the areas I want.

There is another company (let’s call them Periwinkle) that does what we do, with a current opening for a position that I’m definitely qualified for.

The problem: The folks who founded Flipflops used to work at Periwinkle. They split off due to differences in ideas of business models and market pursuits, but there’s no bad blood. In fact, people at Flipflops still talk to friends at Periwinkle.


I want to apply to job at Periwinkle, but I don’t want them to tell anyone at Flipflops.

Do I:

  1. Ask them in the email not to mention anything to people at Flipflops?
  2. Change the of Flipflops to Local Generic Company, and not name Flipflops by name?
  3. Hope they won’t mention anything because it’s clear from my resume that I’m still currently working at Flipflops?
  4. Do something else?

I live in a very small area. Flipflops, Periwinkle, and one other company are basically the only companies doing what they do (although there are freelancers here and there). These kinds of professional jobs don’t come up too often. I don’t want to let it pass by, but I also don’t want to accidentally out myself as looking to the company that I’m currently at.

Hive mind: Thoughts? Advice? Support? Cute gifs?

Thank you!

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