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Appropriate Strip-terview Attire

I found an ad in Craigslist today for a strip-club waitress. The job says you can get hired on the spot, and I figure since I have a big butt and bills to pay I wouldn't mind trying it out over there. It's centrally located, pretty well known, and I'd be signing up for the day shift which (while the money might not be as good) will give me a normal-ish sleep schedule and allow me to get home before the mystical creeper-hour. Has anyone done this kind of work before/worked in this type of environment? I'm going to the open call tomorrow, but I have a few questions, like:

  • Should I dress like I expect I'll be dressed for the job, or will that look too unprofessional and try-hard?
  • Should I dress like a sexy secretary, complete with pencil skirt, or will that make me look too prudish and naive?
  • How do I not freeze my ass off going to this thing in midwinter?
  • Oh my God will I have to wear heels at work?!?!?! I can deal with a bit of makeup, but I'll destroy my feet in heels.

Morally I wouldn't mind working there, but practically I have some concerns about sexual harassment, too. Anyone got any info on that?

I do have normal people interviews coming up and I actually do have a job offer (that, while more respectable, would leave me almost paycheck-to-paycheck), but I'd really rather have multiple options than just the one.

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