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Appropriation Black Lives Matter for the Pro-Life Movement

So this is a thing that is actually happening in the state of Missouri.

I think I have talked a lot about Missouri’s current abortion climate. We yet again only have one clinic in the state after lawmakers bullied a university hospital to revoke privileges to a doctor working in Columbia, MO. We have a “personhood” law already in place along with a 72-hour waiting period.


Along with all of these restrictions, our legislatures are spending money on multiple committees with names like “Sanctity of Life” to judge Planned Parenthood on all their horrible wrongness despite the AG finding no wrongdoing.

Now we have this new bill working its way through the capitol (along with more than 10 other anti-abortion laws) The name itself is horrible and racist and tone deaf.

Reproductive rights advocates and activists say this use of the language of Black Lives Matter opponents is an affront to the BLM movement and especially to black women. “By hijacking the prolific chant that has become the title of a movement led by a new generation of human rights activists and recontextualizing it, Rep. Moon is further marginalizing Black women,” writes Christine Assefa at the Feminist Wire.

“Black women have had very little reproductive choice, historically. During slavery, they were forced into childbirth. Then, they were forced into methods for sterilization,” wrote Alison Dreith, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri, in a column for the St. Louis American. “This bill continues the trend in Missouri, that women should not make their own decisions.”

Emphasis mine.

At this point he is just being willfully ignorant about the history of reproductive choice and how they have affected WOC. I know it is a tactic over used (“Black babies are aborted all the time, so by preventing abortions we are showing we love black people” is heard all the fucking time.) But this just seems particularly cruel, especially coming from Missouri.


The thing is, this bill or one like it will probably pass despite being unconstitutional because Republicans have a veto proof majority.

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