I got a new smartphone. I went from an Android 4.3 phone to Marshmallow (Android 6), both Motorola’s. Unfortunately, the new phone does not have SmartActions build in. This is an app that can set triggers to cause actions. For example, I have have it silent at night with exceptions for certain people (ie my parents for emergencies). I could use it to set it to vibrate only when I am at work, based on time and/or location. It turned off wifi when I got in my car and back on when I got home.

I see many options out there but am not sure which way to go. Tasker looks a bit more in depth than I want, a couple other from the tech blogs aren’t updated for Marshmallow. I am looking toward MacroDroid or Automagic. Any thoughts, experiences with these, or other recs?

Include your recs or requests! Don’t forget to mention your OS.