Hey Madison-area/Wisconsin/Chicago GTers, it's about time to talk about an April Meet-Up, if people are still interested!

Talking to different people, it sounds like a daytime event makes the most sense, since people have to get in/out of town and Mooncat and Yellow Bird have talked about maybe bringing their littles to play.

Date suggestion: Saturday, April 26.

How does this work in everyone's world? Yellow Bird and I were thinking that it gives everyone time to plan ahead and figure out travel if they want to come from farther away.


Easter is the third weekend of April (Sunday the 20th), which probably rules out Saturday the 19th for many of us. I'm unavailable Saturday the 12th (the weekend before), but that doesn't mean everyone else couldn't get together.

Location suggestions:

Farmer's Market at the Capitol

Picnic at Vilas Zoo (Pot-luck?)

*Upside of the zoo: I live relatively close by, so in case of inclement weather, we could always gather at the zoo and caravan to my house (one of the big old ones with a backyard) or to a nearby restaurant.


Any other ideas? Locations, times, dates?

I'm excited to meet more of you in the area!

PS - Yellow Bird and I did coffee/breakfast this morning and she is as awesome as ever!