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Anyone watch the exchange between Spicer and Ryan? He first diminishes her skills as a reporter by saying if Trump used Russian Dressing on his salad she would say there was a Russian connection. How she did not say “don’t be an idiot” I do not know. Total control on her part and cool under pressure.He then accusses her of having an “agenda”. What agenda? Speaking the truth is an agenda? Well then cut off her questions a few times but the kicker was when he said “stop shaking your head”.

I love her toughness and her being so cool. I would have told him where to go with the head shaking comment. She plowed through.

God Trump treating her as a social secretary with him asking her to set a meeting between him amd the Black Caucus. Now this and its not the first time Spicer treated her badly. Here is the full exchange.

Well this is why she is a White House Reporter and I am not. She is the best. I wish NBC would hire her as their Chief White House Reporter and have her replace Chris Matthews.

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