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AquaFarm update: GREEN THINGS

YES! I have successfully passed the first hurdle when it comes to growing things: Actually getting the seeds to do something!

I'll confess, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now. All of my knowledge of gardening comes from Gardening Mama, and she was always super mad at me.


An interesting side note, for those thinking about getting into aquaponics: I've been googling around for gardening and maintenance tips, and 99.9% of all results lead back to sites dedicated to growing pot. Apparently, aquaponics is big with them. This has lead to a pre-emptive email to my boss. "IT guys may call you. I don't grow drugs in my house. Just lettuce."

Coe is still happy.


That's a happy face. Really.

I'm worried about the claims with regards to this being a 'self-cleaning' habitat, so I also bought a water testing kit. So far, the levels are okay, and the AquaFarm people said keep testing until the root systems were established for my plants.

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