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Aquarius question about history and Manson

We are halfway through Aquarius on OnDemand. My mother realized that she had no idea how manipulated the women were by Charlie. On the show he makes them dependent on him for love and family along with drugs. He manipulates them by convincing them that they are family and that their own family never really loved them along with drugs and food.

Now the major problem with the show its so fictionalized its hard to determine where reality starts and ends. I am not sure if the women following him are real or composites of real women.

It leads me to this question. Let’s suppose Manson was as manipulative and brainwasher as portrayed and these women did his bidding due to it. Everything I know which is really not much indicates this. Many of the women were convicted of murder that they committed with Charlie. If they were as manipulated as show indicates would they not be victims? Although is there a line that says yes one can be a victim of manipulation and brainwashing but commiting murder takes you into personal responsibilty thus not a victim. My mother brought up to me a mountain of questions.


A. Where is the line between manipulation and brain washing to personal responsibilty when it comes to murder.

B. We see this variation of fake dangerous families with street gangs and mafia. Folks can also argue the mafia culture in many aspects is manipulative in making you believe the mafia family is a family in which you will do anything. Street gangs often lure kids from poor circumstances and provides a fake family via manipulation. Yet neither group really provides one with a legal case of claiming being a victim.

Or was Manson more like Jim Jones and David Kuresh. I recall with Jones parents giving poison to their kids. Although this too brings it back full circle when these parents poisoned their kids did they cross that line between being victims to being responsible.

I think it comes down to one question. Can one really be manipulated and brainwashed to not knowing murder is wrong and murder innocents thus not responsible.


I do not know. Anyone familiar with the real case to know the answer. Was justice served by putting many of the women who participated in the killings in prison. Or were they victims as well thus should have walked?

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