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Archie Digests Is It Me Or They Highly Repetitive? And Time Frozen?

I bought a few days ago two Archie Digests from 2017. This was one.

Both are 480 pages. I have at home a box full of old Digests which I bought a few years ago and put in my closet shelf. Today I took a few old ones out they are all circa 1990.


I do not see a difference beyond superficial. I started an Archie Digest from 1990 then bounced to the new one its like they are frozen in time. Archie did drive a car with a built in computer GPS but that’s it. Fashion was slightly better.

As a child in the 70s I read the digests made then. I do not believe I still have them but I would be shocked if there is much difference.

I read a year ago the zombie series and they seemed unrecognizable to the Digest books.

Are the Digest books a different tract then the zombie or the other Archie comics like the ones where he got married. Essentially do writers write Digest comics for one audience and zombie/Archie got married for another audience?


Yet I never made it through first episode of Riverdale when Archie and Ms Grundy talked about havng sex I changed the channel. I mentally screamed.

These digests both old and new are fun but no way can one read more then 2 or 3 stories at a time without a feeling of deja vu creeping in.

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