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Are any CA grouthinkers looking to possibly adopt a dog?

Last night while driving from San Francisco home my husband and I stopped in Soledad to get something to eat and there was this really small, very timid, extremely skinny dog in a fast food parking lot. He didn't have a collar and was really, really thin and scared. I couldn't leave him there in the car-hell of Soledad, especially since I watched like five groups of people pass him and not even look at him. (People are fucking monsters.)

We got some chicken strips and pulled them apart to feed him the chicken little by little to get him close to us. After about 40 minutes he would take food from my husband's hand, but wouldn't let us touch him. Then, right before we gave up, he came up next to me — I reached over and started petting him. Then I just tried putting my hands around him (he's a little guy), and miraculously, he let me! I picked him up and he didn't struggle once. You guys, he snuggled me. SO SAD.

Luckily we happened to have a puppy crate in The Monarch's car from transporting my little brother's dog (months ago, shhh) so we put sweaters in that and brought him home. As far as I can tell he's housetrained. I suspect someone dumped him in Soledad or else he got loose and no one stayed to look for him. People are the worst.


We can't keep him because our dog can't be trusted with a little dog around. If anyone wants him, we will help with any vet bills (he needs to be fixed at the minimum) and transport. I think he might be a chihuahua/beagle cross (he doesn't howl though, not yet, anyway). Here's a quick phone snapshot, ignore the squalor:

We've been calling him 'Dodger,' as in, 'The Artful Dodger.'

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