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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Are cats a liquid?

They conform to whatever container they are in.

OT: There is so much more to fear today than there was yesterday.

OT: I worry that my life is only slightly more restrictive during Covid than it was before.


Glass is not a liquid and it does not flow at human scale temperatures (even over geologic time-scales).

OT: As I mentioned elsewhere, I ran out of beer and am too lazy to go to the store so I had some Malbek (does not improve too dry jambalaya) but am going to switch to Scotch which is more appropriate since it is smokey and burns.


OT: Leaded wine glasses ring longer than you would expect when struck.

Cats can lie across what appears to be very uncomfortable surfaces.

OT: I am drinking my Scotch out of a Starbucks ‘coffee masters’ shot glass I earned while working at their corporate headquarters being forced to taste that awful shit w/o cream or sugar.


OT: Obviously I am disconcerted, distracted and probably should start playing computer games again for a while - g’night.

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