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Are Men's Products Really Better?

This informal inane poll was born from contemplating the immediate rush by feminists to claim that they use men's products because they are far superior that always happens in the comments on posts like these.

Personally, men's products don't seem to work any better or smell any better than products coded for women. The men's disposable razors I've used because I was at a dude's house without my stuff seemed to work just fine on my legs. Not any better, not any worse, just fine. It was a razor. It shaved the hair down just like my pink razor at home.


Deodorants/antiperspirants don't seem to work better either. They are either the same or worse. Worse in some cases because a lot of the dude deodorants I've used weren't also antiperspirants and I'm a sweaty lady who likes dry armpits. Also, I fucking hate gel deodorant. The first and last time I used it, it seemed to just sit on top of my skin feeling wet for hours after application. (That has nothing to do with gendered stuff, I just needed to vent a bit about it).

Liking certain smells is, of course, highly subjective. As we are talking about me right now, I don't like the smell of mens products. The musky, dank chemical smells are wholly unappealing compared to powdery florals.

To my knowledge, hygiene products all pretty much use the same ingredients with the only major differences being scents. I don't like the idea of coding them at all. It seems like they only do that to make double the money on the same product i.e. the ridiculousness that is gendered sunblock. Same shit, different bottle, double the profit.

So for me, the claims by feminists that mens products are superior smacks of Cool Girl Syndrome and the ingrained patriarchal belief that anything feminine is inferior.


Do you use men's products? Why or why not? Thoughts on whether or not immediate claims to men's products being better is Cool Girling?

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