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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just found out (ahead of when they meant to tell me) that apparently the org I work for is trying to say that I'm exempt now? This job has me working some odd hours, evenings and some weekends, and if they think that I'm not going to get overtime OR flex time (what we've been doing) for it... I cannot deal. I'm in grad school for one, and I like being able to have some kind of personal life and ability to take care of myself.

I'm trying to look and see what I can do to show that I'm not exempt, but I have a feeling it will turn into "Yes, you are," "No, I'm not," between me and the lawyer on the board who decided this was going to happen.


In case you're wondering, I'm Rory in this situation. :(

ETA: I don't mind the hours. I knew about them going in. It's that they now want to stop compensating me for them (with time off) after I've been there over a year. And I should not be exempt! There is no justification for it!

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