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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Are people really in this much denial?

Last night, I read through the comments on an article on Gawker that covered the salesperson's side of how things went during that whole recent incident with Oprah and the handbag. I mean, there could have been miscommunication I guess, but I find it hard to consider the salesperson's perspective as truth. But HOLY SHIT, the comments on Gawker, I can't even! I just can't. People completely forgot the premise of what Oprah says happened and why Oprah brought this up (she did so during an interview) and claimed she was using it as publicity, for attention, etc. Are people really in this much fucking denial that racism exists that they're totally okay with siding with a salesperson who is probably just trying to save her own ass? I'm just so bothered by this. I know a lot of people are narrow-minded, but people are pulling every excuse out of their ass to paint Oprah as this fame-whore liar.


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