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Are Shaved Heads Sexy?

I'm going on vacation in Mexico and was considering shaving my head. However, some women in my life who's opinions I value strongly expressed their dislike for shaved heads and are urging me not to do it. The consensus of the room was a resounding "NOT HOT."

I was always under the impression that a shaved head is totally boss and makes everyone look cool. What do you ladies think? Not in a, "Its your head, do what you will with it," way, but do shaved heads do it for you?


This is what Bruce Willis would look like if he had hair.

Right now my hair is a big brown dandelion poof and its pretty warm. I have shaved my head before and it is very normal shaped and not veiny and weird or whatever.

This is me from when I shaved it last year. Notice the absence of fucks I appear to give with no hair.



One of the women that wants me to keep my hair pointed out that I created a biased argument by not showing what my hair looks like now.


Honestly I was trying to bias the thing, but seeing as I didn't get the overwhelming support that I was hoping to rub in their faces I might as well be fair.

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