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Are we all just ignoring the fact that Modcloth got bought by Walmart?

I know the company has a lot of fans (or former fans) here. The pin-up girl aesthetic, the office wear, the good plus size range and the unique swimsuits are popular in a lot of my circles, anyway.

I’m pretty disappointed that a woman-owned, pro-women company would associate itself with a company that had the largest class action suit on behalf of women fighting its awful employment and pay practices.


This is an excerpt from an email sent out by the company’s co-founder:

I created this company for the simple reason that I love fashion, but I didn’t then feel like I was part of it. There wasn’t a company who spoke to me and made me feel good about who I was — so I decided to make it. In the 15 years since our founding, I am so incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished.

ModCloth grew from my dorm room to three offices across the country, employing hundreds of awesome people. We started the “real” casting movement; we were the first fashion company to take the No-Photoshop pledge, and we were one of the first brands to offer a true full size range (from xxs to 4x) of apparel to their customers. Many brands have followed us — which is great because these changes are positive for everyone. We’ve shipped millions of orders to millions of customers from around the world, delivered innovative digital shopping experiences through technology, birthed a fashion collection made with love by our team, and even opened our first permanent brick-and-mortar store this past November.


We’ve had layoffs over the years, which is the hardest thing in the world for any founder to lose team members. And most recently over the past few months we’ve watched our industry change dramatically. Through all of this, we’ve continued to focus on what’s most important to the community: to create and offer unique products at an accessible price with great care, and embody the important changes we’ve brought to the fashion industry.

Today marks the beginning of the next stage of ModCloth’s journey. I am excited to announce that we are joining the Jet.com and Walmart family. This will give us the necessary resources and support that we need as a business to grow. Growth allows us to reach more women, grow our community, and amplify our message. Our mission to help our customers feel like the best version of themselves continues. And our commitment to inclusivity continues. Our amazing team continues. And we can open more stores — in your hometown! I hope you will continue to join us as well on this next phase of our journey together.

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